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Metering devices

JSC “Teplomer”, Volgograd: Review of flow meters Emir-Pramer-550 April, 2010"

"Since 2006 more than 200 pieces of flow meters Emir-Pramer-550 were installed at tens of objects in Volgograd and the Volgograd region. In general Emir-Pramer-550 proved itself as an inexpensive, accurate, reliable and simple metering instrument with long recalibration interval. ZAO "PromServis" permanently updates construction of the flow meter, improving its technical and operational characteristics. We consider Emir-Pramer-550 to be one of the best instruments in its class."

JSC “Volga heat generating company”, Heat supplying subsidiary in Togliatti March, 2012


"Our Company uses big quantities of combined heat meters with flow transducers Emir-Pramer-550, manufactured by ZAO "PromServis". Selection of this configuration of heat meters is caused with high reliability, good technical and operating characteristics.

... Dispatching system, developed by "PromServis" provides information from hear meters, information about emergency situations and other technological parameters.

...In the period since 2009 to 2011 we have implemented 134 resource metering points at objects of industrial, budget and municipal service fields. In this year it is planned to implement 359 projects of metering points with flow transducers Emir-Pramer-550. "

Ust-Kamenogorsk thermal networks, 25.06.2009


"The essential part of applied metering devices is made by ZAO "PromServis". These flow meters are remarkable for the simplicity of mounting, stability in operation and high reliability.

Variety of modifications of devices, their reliable metrological characteristics and variety of output signals allow to use "VEPS" and "Pramer" flow meters not only in creation of new measuring systems, but also at upgrade of already existing ones.

All these factors in complex with low prices make products of ZAO "PromServis" very attractive for implementation in regional and municipal programs of commercial accounting in Eastern Kazakhstan."

JSC “TEVIS”, Togliatti, 06.2012


"Our organization has been successfully cooperating with ZAO "PromServis" for more than 15 years.

Large quantities of equipment, produced by this company, are implemented at objects of our customers: metering devices, automated systems for thermal energy consumption control, information-measuring systems and many others.

Vibration diagnostic system for monitoring of rotating equipment condition, developed and produced by "PromServis", is being used at our enterprise for approximately 15 years.

We appreciate ZAO "PromServis" as a strict and reliable partner in solution of all questions concerning energy saving, accounting, automation of heat supplying systems."

OOO “Teplouchet-Service”, Saransk 09.2010

"In 2009 we installed heat meters TCK-7, produced by ZAO "PromServis" on the base of electromagnetic flow meters Emir-Pramer-550. Total quantity of devices – approximately 1000 pieces.

In the heating season 2009-2010 there were no failures during the operation. Instruments kept their metrological reliability."

Regional State Agency "Center of energy saving of the Ulyanovsk region

"...Regarding the operability of heat and water accounting devices produces by ZAO "PromServis" that have been installed in Ulyanovsk, we have information received from the following enterprises:

OOO "Management Company Zasviyazhye-1" – 51 metering points;

OOO "Management Company of Leninsky District, Ulyanovsk" – 23 metering points;

OOO "Management Company Amethyst" – 33 metering points;

OOO "Management Company Simbirsk-Grad" – 51 metering points;

OOO "Management Company Staromainskaya energy retail company" – 40 metering points.

Flow transducers VEPS and EMIR-PRAMER-550, included into head meters Karat-TM 15, TCK-7 and CTD, showed their high operational capability.

Few emergency situations were caused with low quality of water and were quickly eliminated by the service personnel according to technical documents for the devices."

JSC “State Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, 05.2009


"Since 2002 specialists of PromServis execute works on the following directions for our company:

mounting and maintenance of metering devices;
energy surveys;
design and installation of automated control systems and diagnostic systems for industrial equipment.
All jobs were executed by specialists of ZAO "PromServis" within schedule fixed in the contract, and in correspondence with requirements of Rostechnadzor standards (http://www.gosnadzor.ru), including norms and rules for objects using nuclear power. We have no reprimands to quality of the performed jobs.

ZAO "PromServis" is considered as reliable and perspective partner for long-term cooperation.

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