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System of monitoring of passenger traffic POTOK

Review of “POTOK” system application from JSC “TransInvest”

"... In the terms of our cooperation ZAO "PromServis" showed itself as a very reliable partner. Efficiency in solving problems and timely execution of obligations completely correspond to our requirements and proves professionalism of your specialists. Application of the passenger traffic monitoring system "POTOK" allows to get a valid information about quantity of carried passengers. The system is characterized with high level of reliability and accuracy, it is easy-to-use." "

Response of JSC “Autoline-Mytischi”


"...JSC "Autoline-Mytischi" has been working with monitoring system "POTOK" for two years. In this time the system proved itself as a stable and reliable instrument for passenger traffic control.

In the course of our further cooperation we would like to see the following upgrades of the system:

  • reduction of the system accuracy;
  • adaptation of the system for buses Scania OMNILINK;
  • implementation of GLONASS, GPS navigation systems.

JSC "Autoline-Mytischi" thanks ZAO "PromServis" for cooperation."

JSC Management Company “Autoline-Translight”

JSC "Autoline-Translight" carried out successful tests of the automated system for passengers counting "Potok", produced by ZAO "PromServis". The system was equipped with OMRON sensors. In the course of tests at "IVEKO" buses data of the "POTOK" system were compared with quantity of passengers, registered by video recorder. Accuracy of the automated system "POTOK" amounted to 0.58 – 1 %, that meets the necessary requirements".

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