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Automated Passenger Counting System POTOK

Real quantity of passengers, carried in public transport often is a secret for owners and managers of transport companies. The main reason is that they can judge this amount only on the basis of circumstantial evidence - amount of daily receipts. It is not a secret that drivers and conductors often underestimate this amount. As a result, a company loses up to 20% of profit.

If you are interested in getting maximal profit and minimization of costs as well as in efficient and smart exploitation of your vehicles, it is important to know:

We suggest you to get all this information automatically in on-line mode by means of our automated passenger counting (APC) system "POTOK".

System of monitoring of passenger traffic POTOK

How the Automated Passenger Counting System works:

  1. Sets of sensors are installed at all doors of a vehicle.
  2. When passengers enter or exit the door they break an infrared beam, which causes a system to record a boarding or alighting depending on the order in which the two beams are broken.
  3. In this way the system automatically counts number of passengers as they board and leave vehicles at each stop along a route.
  4. This information is registered in the communication terminal that constantly transmits data via GSM 900/1800 channels in GPRS mode to a PC at control station.
  5. Application "POTOK-Express" installed at the PC allows accumulating data from all buses, proceeding and analyzing information.
  6. You use this information and:
    • control money receipts,
    • optimize your fleet, routes and time schedules,
    • easily prepare detailed and accurate reports for supervisory authorities.
  7. The system self-diagnostic function informs you about all abnormal situations concerning operation of equipment, installed at vehicles.
  8. Integration with GPS systems is possible for advanced functionality.

System for monitoring of passenger traffic POTOK

Main tasks of the software "POTOK-Express":

Main functions of the software POTOK-Express

"POTOK" system is currently available in 3 modifications:

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